Loathed to Throw out Your Favorite Chair Just Because It’s Looking Old and Worn Out?

How to Find a Furniture Reupholstery Service You Can Trust

How do you find a good furniture reupholstery company? What makes a good upholsterer?

It takes time and work to find a quality tradesman in any profession. Finding an upholsterer is no exception.

It is always a good sign if an upholsterer has been in business for several years, that shows he offers quality service that lasts.

Upholstery is a trade that permits different levels of competence to find work. Amateurs to qualified professionals all have a niche. Each level of skill upholsterers have will allow them to find work from a corresponding client. The biggest problem is when an upholsterer is not truthful about his workmanship. However, it is not unusual for upholsterers to think they do better work than they actually can.

Their services are as varied as the people who seek upholstery work to be done. Some people have furniture whose fabric is totally worn through or has cotton hanging out in numerous places. Some clients just want new fabric on their furniture and don’t want to pay a lot. They don’t care how good the work is, they just need a new cover for as little cost as possible. Other people have high quality antiques, or sentimental furniture – they expect high quality workmanship and will pay more to get it.

If an upholsterer brags about his workmanship, then wary. Those that claim to be the best very seldom are. Most times, those who brag are covering up their lack of ability. An upholsterer who performs good quality work won’t brag. He will let his work speak for him.

Skill takes many years to acquire, although the time to learn can be lowered if someone is apprenticed to a qualified furniture reupholstery professional who is a good teacher.

Upholsterers have different skill levels in various specialties. Some may have experience in one area, but not a lot in another area.

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