How To Restore Furniture You Have Bought From a Garage Sale

Simple steps to follow for the furniture restoration process

The best thing about garage sales is that you can buy very nice vintage furniture at extremely affordable rates, not to mention that in most of the cases furniture pieces cost a few dollars because their owners want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Of course, no matter how well they have been preserved, you probably will need to tune them up a bit in order to make them look nice and clean.

As a reputable furniture restoration specialist in the New York, NY area, Kostas Upholstery knows well what it takes to make an old piece of furniture unique. Here are some tips on small makeovers we have decided to share with you, so you can also take advantage of their benefits:

Makeover #1: Paint the wooden parts of your furniture with bright colors if you want it to feel like summer around you all year long. Yellow and orange are warm nuances which are always suitable, no matter the room you will put the piece of furniture in. Use no more than 3 colors, otherwise, the final result may appear a little shocking, especially if you have chosen a color theme which does not match the rest of your interior.

Makeover #2: If you are looking for a retro look you will need a piece of sandpaper to remove the old furniture polish and some etching varnish to apply after you are done sanding.

Makeover #3: Reupholster the furniture. This may be a bit of a heavy-duty task to manage by one person only, but if you find a strong teammate ready to pull the heavy upholstering fabric and assist you to staple it afterwards, you can give it a try.

If all these furniture restoration tips helped you, but you still don’t feel qualified enough to do such a job by yourself, you can always call us for some additional advice or book some assistance from our professionals.