How to Cover Scratches on Your Wooden Furniture

Time makes the difference…

No matter how carefully you treat your wooden furniture and how often you clean it with non-toxic detergents, sooner or later you will be unpleasantly surprised to see some dings and scratches on it. Even the most keen vintage furniture fans, however, will find such imperfections a bit annoying and will want to get rid of them.

The materials for conducting a wooden furniture repair can sometimes cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to get done, so it will be more affordable and time saving for you to hire a professional carpenter for an hour. If that option still does not fit your budget you will either have know some magic tricks or be prepared to live with that problem a little bit longer.

Do not hurry to despair, as today is your lucky day and Kostas Upholstery, of New York, NY will reveal a little secret which will turn your world upside down. We know an old trick to cover small dings and scrapes in your wooden furniture which we have learned from our grandmothers. All you will need is a walnut and a few spare minutes.

First you need to identify the areas of your wooden furniture that are unsightly, due to the fact that they have been scraped or bumped. Get a raw walnut and rub it on the damaged area. Wait until it begins to darken and repeat the procedure until you get the desired result. Of course, do not expect miracles, if the natural texture of your furniture is very dark, the treated surface will probably not get back to its original color, but there will still be a significant improvement. There is no other more affordable and labor consuming way to achieve such quick results.

If, however, you are looking for perfect results and will not be satisfied with the furniture restoration results you achieved with the help of a walnut, you better contact us and get a professional on-site restoration.