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Our company has over 30 years of expertise using only the most talented craftsmen in ancient restoration and furniture repairs. Our upholstery shop in New York do every job right at the first time, and we’re always reliable. Kostas Upholstery has a loyal clientele from all over the area that has been using our services for years.

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As specialist upholster, we work on a wide range of upholstered furniture and our goal is to provide unsurpassed quality at an affordable price. Our experienced team understand every need of our clients and provide them high level of service.

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Furniture repair is a big part of the furniture industry. Any antiques or family heirlooms can experience instant damage at the muzzle of a playful puppy or degradation over a long time due to fluctuations in temperature and/or humidity. Our woodworking employees change chewed up claw feet on antique chairs or tables very precisely, so the owner cannot be sure which foot has been repaired. Even admirable antique wood carving is fully replicated in the repair of quality furniture at Kostas Upholstery. If you have a broken or damaged item, we can make your furniture piece as excellent or better than the day it was made.

Whether it is repair or furniture restoration in New York, we can provide outstanding results performing most repairs on-site in your house or office building. Utilizing advanced technology and products our skilled craftsmen can restore and improve your furniture’s natural beauty and strength effectively erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents. Good quality furniture is made to last and by repairing, recovering and cleaning it can have a good long life and be saved from an already overcrowded area fill.

Got a broken table leg or ruined upholstery? Kostas Upholstery can fix it!

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