Custom furnishing – the way you want your furniture

Different furniture have graced us with their elegance and functionality for years. If you are looking to replace your old and worn-out cabinet or is in search for a furniture shop that can do custom furnishing, Kostas Upholstery is what Furniture - custom made in New Yorkyou need. Kostas Upholstery is an industry-leading custom furnishing expert operating in New York. Kostas Upholstery offers 30 years of experience and expertise in woodwork including custom cabinetry. Since we started 30 years ago, our company’s reputation and integrity has increased to immense and unbeatable heights. We plan on continuing this long-term relationship with New York’s community for more years to come. And with our cost-efficient rates, speed, responsiveness, and service quality, our future only seems to get brighter.

First Class Custom Made Furnitures

We have the means to achieve your project as per specifications – never mind the size, materials to be used, style, and design you want on your custom cabinet. Kostas Upholstery’s prices are truly affordable and market-competitive. You won’t find another company in New York that offers the same prices we offer. If you do, we are certain that they won’t match the level of service we can deliver. Give us a call today at (203) 441-5530 or visit our facility in New York!