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When it comes to furniture repair, Kostas Upholstery is synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Our upholstery shop located in New York has all you need. The materials which are considerable to the quality of upholstered goods, such as a sofa, chair or couch, may be considered in four categories: the material on which the upholstery is constructed; the spring system; the padding; and the last fabric or leather covering. Our shop has it all.

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Ancient red sofa.The life of upholstered furnishings begins with its support: although the underlying wooden construction cannot all be seen in the finished consequence, the classification of materials used to create it will have a regulation on the quality of the final product. Our  cost-effective furniture repair service ensures your furniture is quickly rectified without the inconvenience of being without it.

Kostas Upholstery can carry out safe repairs fast and efficiently, using only the highest quality materials and tools, keeping your cherished furniture looking its best for years to come.

We are pleased to visit you in order to provide a detailed evaluation for restoration or repair services and can arrange fully insured transportation throughout the country and beyond. Kostas Upholstery also provide insurance estimates for items damaged by fire or flood.

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